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She is beauty and she is grace… Meet Mohika

Have you met those women who exude elegance? They carry a wisp of glow and radiance. They are confident, yet comfortable in their vulnerability. Their experiences make up for their style and panache. They are contemporary, but connected to their roots. They are strong, yet emotional. They’re always at ease with who they are and what they wear. Their beauty comes from their expression of love and style, which is almost infectious, isn’t it? It’s these qualities that make a Mohika woman.

Mohika, a line of timeless and elegant jewellery collection, is designed for the strong, fashionable woman,who is grounded and knows what’s right for her.

The Meaning of Mohika…

Mohika comes from the Hindi word ‘Moh’ -- a symbol of attraction and affinity. For us, Mohika reflects passion, love and desire that speak through ornamental jewellery for now and forever.

The inspiration for Mohika…

Mohika was born from a pure place of beauty and fashion. That’s why the designs are created to reflect exclusive and timeless jewellery, which can be worn today and for times to come. Creating a legacy, which can be passed on for generations, Mohika promises you nothing but the best. So, be assured that you will only get the best raw materials and craftsmanship with Mohika. It’s a creation for those who believe in the magic of heart and love. That’s why we make it ourselves and sell it through our exclusive counters. Mohika is not outsourced at any point – neither during making nor sale.

Mohika for you…

Love is indeed precious! We understand that at Mohika. That’s why we bring in a hint of personal affair. Our over-the-counter sale offers wholesale prices to every walk-in retail customer. Here, you get the best value for time and money. Well, Mohika is about bringing in brilliance at every step. So, come by to select something special for yourself or your loved ones, or just tell us to create that exclusive, customised piece for you. For we at Mohika, believe in honouring love, grace and one’s personal style!

Go Ahead. Be the beautiful, you!

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