About the Founder

The Journey of Love, Passion and Design:

Bhumika Doshi carries a dash of personal inspiration and zeal for design in her exclusive jewellery line, Mohika.

From observation comes inspiration :

Since her childhood, Bhumika was intrigued by her father’s involvement in their family-run business of trading jewels: gemstones and diamonds. Her father, Pravin Selvadia, an entrepreneur in his own stride has been spearheading Pravin Mohanlal Enterprise for over three decades.

Having seen her father’s involvement in jewellery business starting from conceptualisation of designs to procuring precious materials to manufacturing and giving shape to some of the finest pieces, caught Bhumika’s attention. She, too, like her father started getting more involved in learning the finer nuances of jewellery making from the early age of 17.

Carrying forward the legacy:

Having witnessed skilled craftsmanship at Pravin Mohanlal Enterprise, Bhumika was determined to build it further through her passion.

Quick enough, Bhumika learnt the finer of nuances of how diamonds actually came into existence. After gaining practical experience, Bhumika felt the need to validate her passion with education. Thus, Bhumika did her Diamond Graduation Course and Jewellery Designing from Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). A student of the trade and art, Bhumika proved her passion and dedication by winning ‘Best Design in Jewellery’. Not just this, but she also showcased her design at Indian International Jewellery Week 2013 through GIA.

When passion becomes work :

Bhumika’s love for art, jewels and creativity led her to curate some exceptional designs. An entrepreneur by calling (just like her father), Bhumika wanted to do more than be a part of her family business. She was determined to take it forward and turn her designs into reality. Thus, Bhumika launched her exclusive brand of jewellery – Mohika.

For the woman of today :

With her brand, Mohika, Bhumika aims to give today’s contemporary women some of the finest and timeless creations. Made from the best quality of diamonds, colour stones and workmanship, Mohika is for those who love to wear their feminism. Designed to suit special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other special days, Mohika is designed to create ever-lasting memories.

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